Enhancing Recreational Facilities In Residential Layouts Through The Neglected Spaces In Owerri Urban

  • Ndidi U. Okolo Department of Architecture, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Uli Campus, Nigeria
Keywords: green spaces, neglected spaces, recreational activities, urbanization


Recreational activities in residential layouts in Owerri urban have been largely informal and have existed in or around the neglected green spaces. Different kinds of recreational activities take place in these spaces. Some are play grounds for children and some serve as playgrounds for some type of games for adults. Most of these layouts were designed without any form of recreational spaces. This was due to the pressure of urban expansion caused by the influx of people into Owerri capital after it’s creation as the capital of Imo State. These neglected green spaces have become the locations of recreational activities in some layouts for children and adults. These activities have not been properly organized but impact on the lifestyle of the residents. They affect the social, cultural, health of the residents and also their quality of lives. The study was to find out how the neglected green spaces could be used as well planned spaces for recreational activities that will offer relaxation in Owerri urban. The study was a survey research using questionnaires administered on residents of some selected layouts in Owerri. Obtained data was analysed using the frequency distribution and the Person Product moment correlation and multiple regression statistical tools. Findings reveal that if these factors are improved recreational activities will be improved within the layouts.

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