About the Journal

The COOU Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies is a publication by academics in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Nigeria under the pseudonym CJOMS Editorial Board.

Publishing policy
CJOMS is an online peer-reviewed journal publication. Special prints of hardcopies may, however, be commissioned by the Editorial Committee. The Journal aims to publish three times in the year (March, July, and November). Also, special issues which will be announced, will be published in line with specific objectives. The editorial staff shall endeavour to ensure quick turn-around times and keep authors informed of developments relating to their paper, Submissions are to be made online via the website. There ¡s no limitation on number of pages for each article. Authors can track the status of their submissions by logging into the webpage.

Review Policy
CJOMS will subject all submitted papers to a peer review process after initial screening by the editorial committee. The double blind peer-review process will be conducted by at least two reviewers who are experts in the field. A paper will be accepted on the recommendation of the Editorial Committee and reviewers of the article.

Copyright policy
CJOMS will invite authors to complete a copyright license-to-publish form, after receipt of accepted manuscripts. This will be communicated to the corresponding author indicated at submission of manuscript. Any changes in contact details should be effected by logging into the journal site or communicating the editor. Authors, their employer or institution, have certain rights to reuse their work. An explanation of these is in our copyright statement on our website. CJOMS does not accept papers that have been previously published or have been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Language policy
CJOMS requires that all papers be submitted in English language. The standard of written English should be good to enable the editors and reviewers understand the paper content. Where necessary, it may be helpful for authors to have their manuscripts edited for language before submitting them. This will help others fully understand the academic content of the paper. Language editing, however, does not guarantee acceptance of manuscript for publication.

Payments/Access policy

A necessary minimal handling fee shall be charged per researched article to be published. This, as with all policies, may be reviewed by the editorial committee as necessary. As at August 2017 it is Fifteen thousand Naira (N15,000/£50/$75). After payment and peer-review, CJOMS will publish all articles open access. The articles will then be freely and universally accessible via the internet.